Zenyatta & Casper

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Puppy Galleries


Purple Girl (reserved by Lewis Manor)
Purple girl loves being with us and is dainty and charming. She likes to play but is also gentle, and loving. She has such a sweet personality and will make someone a wonderful little companion.


Black Boy (sold to the Bradley family in Ontario, Canada)
Black boy is our big guy. He’s an easy going, relaxed pup with a curly sweet face. He’s a gentle giant; very easy going and mellow.


Teal Boy (sold to the McGowan family in Virgina)
Teal boy is happy to be with you and likes sitting at your feet intently watching whatever you do. He’s always ready to play! He has a superb temperament and will be a great fit for any family. He has gone through our early socialization training program and continues to learn the basics like “sit”, “come”, etc. He is fully crate trained, and goes right into his kennel when it’s bed time. I can’t say enough about him, he has an excellent start and is very smart.


Blue Boy (sold to the Hughes family in Washington, DC)
Blue boy is gentle and calm, usually observing everything that’s going on. He likes bath time, and just sits there while I spray him, never trying to jump out! He is very easy going and cooperative. He’s going to make a great companion.


Green Boy (sold to the O’Reilly family in MA)
Green boy is outgoing and fun. He loves to explore and was very alert from a young age. Always noticing when we were around, he’d watch us do whatever we were doing while his litter mates were sleeping. He’s very sociable and a nice looking boy with a soft fleece coat.


Dark Pink Girl (sold to the Arnold family in NYC)
Dark Pink girl is the smallest in the litter, but doesn’t let that stop her from playing rough with her litter mates or finding her way to the food! She’s very personable and is a perfect mix of being energetic and a snuggler.


Light Pink Girl (sold to the Kerrigan family in MI)
Light Pink girl likes being passed around for snuggling and would rather be in your arms than exploring on her own. She’s very friendly and sweet.


Lime Green Boy (sold to the Hobart family in NJ)
Lime green boy is friendly and playfu

l. He’s always ready for a game and you can usually find him sitting on top of his ramp in the play yard. That is his favorite spot to take a nap and establish his position as “King of the Hill”.


Orange Boy (sold to the Evans family in VA)
Orange boy is very sweet and laid back. He sometimes slept through his super puppy exercises that were supposed to stress him a little! He’s very smart, affectionate and loves being with us. He’s always right there to be social when people are around. This guy has the makings of a great service dog! His wooly coat would be great for someone with allergies.





ALAA Registration Number: ALAA-022603
Size: Medium (32lbs, 20")
Color/Coat: Cafe Fleece
Health Testing: OFA hips good, OFA elbows normal, CERF clear, PRA clear by parentage, Cardiac normal


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