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With years of experience raising and training dogs, Katherine is in charge of the daily care, socialization and training of the Lewis Manor dogs and puppies. Katherine loves dogs and first learned about breeding growing up as her family bred AKC Airedale Terriers. Since Katherine was homeschooled, as part of her education she studied many Veterinary books and also volunteered a number of times at various veterinary offices where she observed office calls and went out on barn calls. Having been through many deliveries, Katherine brings her knowledge to the Lewis Manor nursery to ensure safe, healthy deliveries.

Katherine started researching labradoodles and got her first labradoodle in 2004. Moxie was naturally a performer and quick learner. Seeing her abilities, Katherine started trick training with her at a young age. Moxie has been Katherine’s right hand dog and was recently chosen for the main canine role in a movie. While on set, Moxie enjoyed performing and hanging out with the film crew. Moxie has been an amazing, intelligent dog and made Miles and Katherine fall in love with doodles!

With her border collie Freckles, Katherine started training for search and rescue at 17 yrs.old. Miles used to help her with search practice by hiding for Freckles in the woods. Rain or shine, hot or cold, his love for dogs (and secret crush on Katherine) made him a willing subject to sit out in the middle of 100 acres for long periods of time. 🙂 At 18, Katherine joined a search and rescue K-9 unit where she and Freckles passed the NYS federation search and rescue certification. She volunteered on this K-9 search unit for 4 years and learned a lot about training search dogs and was able to work with some very experienced K-9 handlers.

Katherine has also taught dog obedience classes and worked as a trainer doing in home visits to help dogs and their owners communicate better. With training experience ranging from search and rescue dogs, trick training, obedience, behavior modification and therapy dogs, Katherine’s background and experience ensures that the Lewis Manor puppy raising and training program is first class.




A custom cabinet maker by trade, Miles uses his many skills to build things for the dogs and puppies like fences, whelping pens, inside play areas, etc. Miles works as the production manager in a high end cabinet shop in Syracuse four days a week and uses his free time to work on cars, juggle flaming torches, and decorate wedding cakes.

Miles loves dogs and enjoys playing Frisbee in the backyard with them in the evenings or skateboarding with them down the street. The dogs also like to accompany him when he fishes in the Seneca River behind their house.

He is good at dog obedience and has raised a labradoodle therapy dog who passed her therapy test at 6 months of age. Together, both Miles and Katherine’s backgrounds allow them to be a great team.



Customer Relations

Emily is a mom to four. She works part time as our website administrator, bookkeeper and family liaison. Emily has always been a dog lover having owned Labradors and German Shepherds and is now enjoying her time learning about the very special Lewis Manor Labradoodles!

Purple Girl


Office Manager

Nani and her family made the decision to move to Central New York 12 years ago and recently joined the Lewis Manor team as our office manager. She has many years of experience as a manager of both a summer camp/ retreat  center and veterinary office. She enjoys the day to day tasks of keeping things flowing and organized so everyone can do what they do best!  Nani shares an office with our Director of Puppy Development along with our new moms and puppies. She says it makes for a great day getting to witness the interactions between the new moms and their puppies each day, and watching them grow! She enjoys the opportunity to snuggle with the pups and of course always with the Mamma.  Nani has three grown boys and lives with her husband, cats, her 12 year old Labrador Lea and her 10 year old Weimaraner Zeus. Currently Nani is having fun learning all about our doodles!

Lavender Girl


Director of Puppy Development

Krystina has been working for Lewis Manor since the Summer of 2016. She manages the guardian and breeding program as well as raising the puppies from birth through 8-weeks. She loves meeting each new puppy, learning each of their individual personalities and watching them grow over the course of their 8-week journey together. 

She found her love and passion for raising animals from a young age, her family having many pets themselves and raising their litter of Golden Retriever puppies. 

In her free time Krystina enjoys going for walks and spending time with her own pets, she has 3 dogs and a rabbit who love getting the opportunity to meet lots of Labradoodle friends. She will often bring puppies and some of the mamas and papas home. 

Mike M 2022


Dog Trainer

Mike has owned dogs and enjoyed their companionship his whole life.  He has worked professionally with dogs for almost fifteen years and holds experience in all aspects of dog ownership.  Mike has worked as a caretaker for dogs in a vet clinic and boarding kennel, he has trained dogs for a nationwide pet containment company. He rescued and adopted dogs as an animal control officer and handled and trained dogs as a member of the canine unit of a federal law enforcement agency.

Watching the pups begin to understand our communication channels and helping them develop the spirit of teamwork is Mike’s favorite part of his job.  He likes watching them learn and respond to our training program.              

When not at work you might find him swimming at the beach or picnicking with his family and their three dogs, Truman, Cabella and Wookie.  

Kyerra 2022 (Staff)


Dog Trainer

Kyerra is one of our trainers at LML and has been obedience and bird dog training since 2016. She is an official upland hunting guide and has trained many hunting dogs, including her own. Growing up in a family of hunting guides and dog trainers she also helped raise litters of Germain Shorthaired Pointers. She fell in love with working with dogs as a young girl. Some of her favorite things about training are; watching a puppy perform and their enjoyment in doing so, witnessing their progress from when they began, and taking the puppies out on field trips to introduce and desensitize them to the would. Watching them be confident and obedient in any and every setting! She adores Labradoodles for their warm, outgoing, smart (and sometimes goofy!), and most importantly loving personalities. When she is not working with Labradoodles, Kyerra has several dogs of her own at home that keep her busy with hunting events and traveling with them for fun! 

Cindy Lou (7)


Dog Groomer

Hanna began working at LML in 2019 where she started out as a kennel attendant and is now a full time dog groomer. She has always been a big help, hands on with the care of the mamas and puppies. At night she helps out staying with the mamas while they whelp their puppies and has now whelped several litters here! She has a huge heart for all of the dogs here at LML, adult and puppies of all ages alike. She loves to bring puppies home for overnight socialization visits, for walks and to the beach to swim. What she enjoys most about working at Lewis Manor is the positive work environment. In 2021 Hanna attended The Grooming School of Pennsylvania where she became certified as a dog groomer. She is now our full time groomer and will be a big asset helping to socialize puppies to grooming handling before they go home. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her friends and family. 



Resident Puppy Nanny

Sadly Moxie is no longer with us, Moxie loved being busy in the nursery watching the newborn pups and she was always ready to clean them up after a meal or keep an eye on them. As the puppies grew, she supervised their play outside and make sure there was no fighting and things didn’t get too wild. She also helped in the office by getting the phone when it rang and bought it to us.

Moxie was our first labradoodle. We got her as a puppy and she was a wonderful member of our family. She knew an array of tricks and often entertained us with them. She did everything from being an A student in obedience classes, to training on a search and rescue team, and had 3 trick dog titles. She was also in a movie, playing the main part, a dog named Valentine.

When she was not working, she enjoyed swimming, fetching a tennis ball, and watching movies (her favorites being Milo and Otis and 101 Dalmations).

Does this sound like your dream job? We're always looking for valuable team members! Lewis Manor Labradoodles is dedicated to raising the best possible Australian labradoodle puppies, who are ready to grow up and be great, well rounded dogs in their families and communities. We're about excellent customer service with the families who buy our puppies. We're there for them every step of the way from initial questions, through the adoption process, to years later when they have a question about their senior doodle. We are a team of energetic, motivated people who love what we do and are always learning how to do what we do better. We are on a mission to raise Australian Labradoodles who have the best possible start in life and are always looking for other like-minded, motivated people to join our team. We offer exciting opportunities that will challenge your abilities, expand your skills and reward your contributions. Please contact us if you're interested in joining our team.