Getting Ready

preparing for your new addition

Checklist for Getting Ready

For your Lewis Manor Labradoodle

Make sure you find a Vet you plan on using, and make an appointment for your puppy to get their check up within 3 days of arriving.

Make sure you have a crate. We also carry crates as part of our puppy packs if you would like to purchase one from us. It is also convenient to have 1 crate in your bedroom for sleeping and one in the living room so they can still watch you if they have to be in there for short periods during the day.

  • Dog Food Click here to order your puppy's food. Also see our feeding instructions.
  • Dog Bed You may also want to just use old towels in their crate when you leave the house in case they have an accident, you’ll want something to absorb the moisture so it doesn’t make as much of a mess, and towels are easy to throw in the wash as well.
  • Dog Toys We like using Kong toys, ropes, balls, teething toys, hard rubber toys, etc. These are great to keep your pup busy and alleviate their chewing urges. We only give our pups toys like these that they can’t destroy and recommend staying away from stuffed animals, pretend shoes, etc. Giving a puppy something they can tear apart gives them a taste for that fun activity and they will likely start looking for similar items in your house to chew and destroy. It makes it hard for them to tell the difference between their toys and your things.
  • We often get asked many questions from families wondering what to buy for their new puppy so, we've put together a Lewis Manor Puppy Package that includes everything you'll need to start off with your new puppy! We also have three different Grooming Kits to choose from! They are made up of products we use with our own labradoodles and recommend. If you are interested in purchasing a puppy package or grooming kit, contact us to order yours!
  • If you're interested in purchasing a raised bed like the kind we use for the "Place" command click here

  • Water and a water dish
  • Old towels
  • Grocery bags
  • Paper towels
  • Poop bags
  • Treats
  • We will provide a collar and leash

You’ll want to carefully open the crate and attach the collar and leash before allowing your puppy out, they don’t know you yet so it’s a safety precaution in case they get scared and decide to go find something familiar. Carry them outside the airport and find a spot to go potty. You can offer them some water and a treat. The paper towels and grocery bags are for cleaning up any possible messes your puppy has had in their crate, and you can replace any dirty bedding with the clean towel you brought. Or if you plan to hold the puppy on your lap on the car ride home, having a clean towel will be handy to have on your lap in case the puppy is a little messy.

Plan on keeping the house quiet for a few days to let your new puppy adjust to you and your family, their new surroundings, and routine without being overwhelmed. Then feel free to invite people over to see your new pup. Socialization is great for them at this age, but be careful taking them out to pet stores, parks, etc. and exposing them to other dogs before they’ve had 3 puppy shots.

Be prepared for your puppy to cry the first few nights. Your home is totally new to them and they don’t have the security of having their mom or littermates with them.