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Feeding Instructions

Lewis Manor Labradoodles are fed a premium dog food called Life's Abundance, which you can order here, as well as NuVet daily supplements which boost their immune systems and is a great multi-vitamin for puppies. We also feed Salmon Oil everyday, as this helps our puppies' growing brains. You can order Life's Abundance dog food here (be sure to bookmark this link as there are many different Life's Abundance dog food replicator sites that all look the same! If you just google Life's Abundance dog food, you will not be on our site. So, please follow the link, and bookmark it for future use, thanks!) If you’re interested in continuing the NuVet Plus vitamins, you can click here!

You can feed your puppy 2-3 times a day, giving them enough food to eat what they want and walk away, still leaving food in the dish. Having set feeding times helps while you're housebreaking so you can predict when they will have to go outside to go potty. As they get older though, we prefer to "free feed", leaving a bowl of food out for them at all times. Always have fresh water available.

Reasons why we feed Life's Abundance, and highly recommend you do:

  • Made from the best ingredients.
  • Fresh, fresh, fresh! All their food is estimated to be generally 6 weeks old when you receive it! No sitting around for months or more in warehouses like other "high quality" foods do!
  • Never had a recall
  • Convenient, ships right to your door!

Benefits to Feeding a Premium Food

  • Healthy skin and coat. A premium dog food contains quality protein, which is an essential building block for developing healthy new hair and skin. This combined with the omega 3 and 6’s fatty acids and other vitamins it contains, creates a beautiful, shiny coat. It also pro motes healthy skin, resistant to irritants, infections, and itchy skin problems. A premium food is also a great choice for dogs with food allergies (which affect the skin and coat) as it is free of artificial colors, chemical additives, corn, wheat, etc.
  • Eating less. Because Premium foods have exceptional nutritional value, your dog can eat less to get the nutrients it’s body needs. Making a premium food only pennies more a day to feed than a cheaper dog food with fillers.
  • Less waste for you to pick up. Because they’re eating less, and premium foods are more digestible and nutrient packed, your dog is able to absorb and use much more of what it’s eating. Which means less waste and clean up.
  • Overall health. Just as the quality of your diet affects your health, so your dog’s diet affects their health, how they look, feel and act. A premium food can maximize your dog’s life expectancy and quality of life.