ALAA Registration Number: ALAA-097863
Size: Medium (33lbs, 19.5")
Color/Coat: Apricot Fleece
Health Testing: CAER Normal, OFA Elbows Normal, OFA Hips Good, PennHIP Right DI 0.48; Left DI 0.39, DM Clear, EIC Clear, PRA Clear, VWD Clear

Lewis Manor’s Graceful Willow

Australian Multigen Labradoodle

Willow is such a happy girl who knows no strangers and who’s tail never stops wagging. An ambassador to all, she eagerly greets new people and loves everyone she meets. She is always up for an adventure. Spunky, energetic, funny, and lovable, Willow has so many great qualities that make her such a fun family dog. One aspect we always hope for in our mamas is great motherly instincts as it so positively affects the puppies. Willow has hit this quality out of the park! She is such an attentive mama and LOVES playing with her pups. She enjoys hanging out with them snuggling, playing a game of chase and the games always end with some warm nuzzles. She teaches them such great life lessons like good manners, understanding dog body language, confidence, loving people, and others, all done with her gentle ways. With a mama like this, her pups couldn’t ask for a better start in life with a great foundation for becoming exceptional dogs!

Past Litter

Willow & Red

Lewis Manor's Graceful Willow and Lewis Manor's Loving Him Is Red
Shades of Caramel, Cream, Red and Apricot
Not Available (past litter)