ALAA Registration Number: ALAA-040754
Size: Standard (60lbs, 24")
Color/Coat: Dark Caramel Fleece
Health Testing: OFA eyes clear, OFA prelims hips, OFA elbows normal, PennHIP 90th percentile, OFA Cardiac normal, PRA clear, IC clear, DM clear, IC clear, EIC clear

Lewis Manor’s Theodore Rosevelvet
Australian Multigen Labradoodle

Theodore of Lewis Manor is truly remarkable, this boy was years in the making! Theo’s marvelous appearance is always attracting attention and he welcomes all of his admirers with a gentle wagging tail and a happy pleasing expression. With the friendly face of a teddy bear and the strong stature of a retriever, his physique is exemplary of an authentic Australian Labradoodle. As Theo’s soft non-shedding fleece has matured, his rich red color has endured. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the handsome hue of his red coat truly speaks for itself in his photos and his brilliance is almost unbelievable when illuminated by the light of a sunset. His nose (when not playfully covered with mud) is a consistent liver tone and his sense of smell is keen; impressive even for a breed with fowl-hunting heritage. His eyes are active, accurate, and of the warmest shade of amber with a green glow as they transition from iris to pupil. Second only to his color, are comments on the human-like quality of his gaze. Best of all is Theo’s splendid personality. He has the most joyous spirit, which is apparent whenever he makes a new friend or meets an old play pal. When he greets you, there is a tangible enthusiasm in his canter, and he displays great athleticism when fully at play. His bravery and love of the outdoors mirror that of the president he was named after, Theodore Roosevelt. Most exceptional is his intellect, which shines whenever he takes on a new challenge; he wisely takes pause to think then confidently overcomes. At one year old, Theo has passed the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen test and TDI’s International Therapy Dog test, and he’s now working with the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia. In every way, Theo is a wonderful example of exactly what an Australian Labradoodle was intended to be and is available for stud service to approved females.


There are no past litters for this dog