Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying Sherwin. He is adorable and perfectly behaved. Slept through the night right away and is doing well with potty training. He follows me everywhere and we love to play together or have lap and cuddle time. (And don’t tell but nap time together too!)  Thanks to you and all the team at Lewis Manor for giving us such a special boy. He is the love of our lives.



Good Morning! I just wanted to let you know how well adjusted Murphy (orange boy) has become here. He is already well potty trained and coming and sitting! Very smart boy and cannot tell you how well matched he is for our family and lifestyle. He loves to play, explore and run but will snuggle whenever anyone wants him to.  So glad we found Lewis Manor and will be sure to write a review soon.  Murphy says Hi!   Your take home meeting really helped us alot. A new breed for us, as you know and my daughter and I keep going back to things you shared last Friday. Extremely well presented helpful information.  


June 2019

Hello, We are IN LOVE with our “green boy” - who name is now Toblerone (like the chocolate bar) - and we call him Toby for short. He is for sure growing and learning and living his best life everyday! Thank you to Lewis Manor for providing us with such a wonderful pup.

Craft Family

May 2019

Hi Katherine and Lewis Manor Family, We wanted to give you a quick update on our Penny. We are so grateful for her everyday. We could not have asked for a better match. She has grown up to be quite the young lady. We passed the TDI therapy dog test back in November and we visit the hospital every Saturday where she is quite the hit. I literally am just her "driver". To be able to share her personality with the patients and see the smiles that she brings is truly amazing. We also passed the CGC test in February. She loves to train and she's so smart, I look forward to starting Rally with her next.
Thank you again for bringing her into our lives.

Catherine & Al

March 2018

Good morning, Just want to give you an update on Desi! She is the Apple of our eye......she discovered squirrels (last week) in her back yard (picture below)! Sleeping well from 8:30-4 (my husband gets her out then back up with me to her crate to sleep til 5:30-6:30ish). She is so smart and definitely a ball dog! She goes to the back door to tell us she has to go out for potty......Randy and I have been diligent about training potty outside. We love her dearly.

Randi & Ronni

January 2018

Hi Lewis Manor Team, Our sweet boy Cooper has come a long way since joining our family in May 2016. Cooper was the perfect fit for my husband and I. We are active but live in a small apartment and his personality is the perfect blend of energy and calm. We enrolled him almost immediately in puppy classes and later advanced training classes. We worked hard together as a team to get our commands down and cooper was always a standout in his classes (maybe were a little biased!) This weekend Cooper passed the Canine Good Citizen test and also passed a Therapy Dog Certification test with Creature Comfort Pet Therapy. We are thrilled and cannot thank you all enough for raising such wonderful puppies and matching us with our sweet boy. Thank you. Looking forward to many more Lewis Manor Labradoodles,

Liz and Neal Casey

January 2018

Hi Katherine, He is the best dog and has been a great companion for us and for Ika. I am amazed how he deals with all the novelties that he experiences. We travel to Brazil and he came with me in the cabin, he is already quite big but behaved like a gentleman, in the airport ,the plane with all the people… He is kind, patient, smart and super loving. He’s been around horses and other dogs. always so good ( although he chases my chicken..) Last weekend we traveled on a small plane to our ranch in the south of the country and again he was perfect! We love him. Thank you!


December 2017

Thank you Katherine! I hope you and your family enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday! Shirley is exactly as you described. Sweet, quiet, gentle, laid back and very affectionate. She barked twice when I left the room for a minute which startled me because she was so quiet up until that moment. Peter and I both laughed at our reaction to the sudden, cute barks out of such a quiet, well-behaved puppy! Her new name is Peanut. We decided she was definitely not a Reese, which seemed too harsh a sound for such a sweet little girl. We are both very much in love with her and are grateful to have her in our lives. My daughter, Kady (Katharine) is very excited to meet Peanut next weekend when she visits us from New Jersey. She’s eating well and is becoming more lively by the minute. Training in earnest will begin this week after she has had the opportunity to feel comfortable with her new home. I’ve read and reread all the instructions and was dismayed to read that you don’t put your face up close to a dog’s face! I think I did that to her almost immediately. That was a rude awakening. Needless to say, I’m much better behaved now. I can’t thank you, Miles, Danielle and the rest of the crew for your patience and encouragement during the adoption process. Thanks again!

Heather, Peter & Peanut

November 2017

Hi Katherine, I hope you are all well. We are the lucky family who has had the the privilege of having Jethro, our pup from Cocoa and Hero's 2014 litter. Jethro is by far the best dog I have ever seen. He has a wonderful temperament. He is very engaged with the family but at the same time very laid back and chill He ended up a bit bigger than we expected (55 lbs) but we all agree he has is the perfect size. The only problems we have is that he is so engaging with people that it takes us forever when we take him with us because people stop us constantly to pet him and interact with him. (It really is funny). All of that said there is a person in our town who asked me for your information. She went on your website. She was asking me about jethro and his litter. I know that you kept a male and female from Jethro's litter. She was wondering if I knew which dogs were his siblings. I think Moose is his brother but I am not sure. If you wouldn't mind letting me know then I can pass on the information.


October 2017

Hi Katherine and Miles, We wanted to send an update on Charlie. He is AMAZING! We are so in love. He is the perfect fit for our family. He is well trained and so sweet. He has all of the best qualities we were looking for in a labradoodle. He is very mellow (even for a puppy). Charlie has mastered sit, stay, giving paw, etc. When we come in from the rain, he knows to sit on the mat and lifts his paws for me so I can dry them. The kids even taught him how to high five! He is really gentle and great with the kids. Thank you for raising such a great boy and bringing him to us. You gave us the perfect labradoodle for our family. I also wanted to thank you for being so incredible. From the first phone call, to the weekly updates and videos, to answering all of our questions and delivering Charlie, you have been awesome. You have such a great family and we enjoyed getting to know you. Keep in touch!

The Burlins

August 2017

Hello from Lizzie and Phineas! Phineas was from Saffron's August 21st litter and will be turning a year old soon! Time flies so fast! Phineas has been doing amazingly well and he loves everyone and everything he meets. Your description of him as a puppy was completely spot on. He is never scared, and always confident in new situations. I chose to have him neutered at a different vet practice than we usually use so that he would not have any memory of bad experiences at our vet. As a result, he loves going to the vet and has no bad associations. His service dog training is going great as well! He has learned to alert to random oncoming panic attacks as well as respond to these attacks when they happen. I could not be happier with him. He is truly a special dog. Here are some pictures!


July 2017

Hi everyone! I'm writing to update you on Dexter and to thank you so much for all the great work you did raising him for the first 8 weeks of his life! He was so well crate trained from night one, and he's doing great on his house training. He's making lots of friends at his puppy classes and the puppy park, and he's even part of a play group of labradoodles that he met at puppy kindergarten - he loves everyone he meets, dog or human, and they love him too! He's such a smart little guy, and we can't imagine our lives without him. We're so happy in our choice to go with Lewis Manor Labradoodles, and you were all so helpful and kind every step of the way. Thanks again for all of your help and time!

Niki & Tony

July 2017

We've had Cooper for almost 7 months, and he's absolutely amazing. He's a quick learner, sweet, active when we are and docile when the family is just relaxing. We have two little boys ages 3 and 2 and they couldn't have more fun altogether. He's gentle and playful with them. We are a dog family, and he's the best we've ever had. We'd always been lab owners, but a doodle is the best of both worlds. Love of water, temperament and the intelligence of a poodle! My father just came from Colorado, and is on the waiting list for the first available Lewis Manor Labradoodle!

Hare Family

June 2017

Hi everyone! We just wanted to give an update on Ruger. (Coco Puff- Brown Boy) He will be 6 months tomorrow. He is doing absolutely great! He is very smart & has such a big personality. He follows me everywhere!!! Our daughter & him are best friends! They love each other so much. He loves getting on the trampoline with her! He knows sit, stay, down, roll over, spin, high 5, shake, go find and newest trick is to shut doors! His most favorite thing is bye byes, he loves going for car rides. We couldn't imagine our life without him, we are so much in love with him. Thank you for giving us the best dog ever!!!!

The Miles Family

May 2017

My husband and I recently brought home a 4 month old Labradoodle pup, born and trained at Lewis Manor. We did a lot of research before selecting Lewis Manor because we were very concerned with getting a dog with calm temperament, as we have small grandchildren. Katherine was very responsive and couldn't have been more accommodating. We trusted her judgement in picking the right puppy for us, and to say we are pleased with the result is an understatement! We call our black doodle "Spooky" because you can't see her in the dark! She is gorgeous, friendly, smart, great with the kids, follows commands easily, affectionate, and is everything Lewis Manor said she would be. Her trainer, Erica did a fantastic job. Everyone who has met Spooky has fallen in love with her, and are amazed at how calm and compliant she is. We would highly recommend Lewis Manor Labradoodles to anyone looking for an outstanding family pet!

Betty O'Brien

May 2017

Hello:) we got a puppy ( yellow boy) now named Maui from Mochi's litter in December. I just wanted to touch base with you and tell you how much we love and adore Maui. He is an amazing puppy and so smart and lovable. We feel blessed to have him and thank you for breeding such amazing dogs!!!! Hope this finds you all well. Pictures are of Maui at 5 months old and brother Brody (rainbow boy) 🙂

Erin and Joe Edgar

April 2017

I'm sure you get compliments on your puppies daily, but as my son Jake and I lay here with Pal at our feet, I just wanted to say again... What an incredible dog we have. Everyone who meets him says the same. My mom, a former non- dog lover, just can't get enough of him. He is so sweet , smart, healthy, well-behaved and lovable. Kudos to wonderful breeding! ( plus some great training). Hope things are well! My daughter and I love checking in on your site to see new litters! We see there is a litter due today and two next week! Good luck! Can't wait to see the pics!

Bruin Family

March 2017

Hi Katherine! It's been a while but I just wanted to check in and let you know our boy Storm (Lilly's blue stripe born May 28th 2016) is doing great and is the most handsome, loveable, amazing, most well behaved pup in the world. We really can't believe it, he is soooo good and soooo smart and he does not leave my side! We are all very smitten and are so happy he is a part of our family. I've enclosed a couple of pictures because he is way too handsome not to show off! He's now 9 months and weighs about 30lbs! Thanks for the best dog we could have ever imagined!

Jim, Lara, Maddie and Grace

March 2017

Hi Katherine, Miles & Team! It's been about a month since we have brought Orso home, and we are absolutely in love with him. We couldn't be happier. You guys do an incredible job with your dogs and it shows!! Just wanted to drop in a quick hello and let you know how fantastic things have been. I've attached a 12 weeks "old" photo of our boy. Have a wonderful weekend and we will be in touch soon!

Kara & Serg

January 2017

Hi everybody. Jax's first day at the beach. Loving life. He's a good one!

the Flynn Family

November 2016

Now that he has been home for a week, I just wanted you to know that Willoughby, Cleo's son, is doing very well. He has seen a vet...his fecal sample was free from parasites...he loves everyone he meets...we started in a puppy play group...he sits on command...and he is NO shrinking violet for sure! Just wanted you to know that he is wonderful and happy and the best dog ever. Please hug Cleo (and Boomer) for me. At nearly 7 months he weighs 30.4 lbs. and is, perhaps, the most beautiful dog in the entire world though I am surely not in any way prejudiced. Thanks so much again for the most amazing dog and please hug Cleo for both of us!

Regan Family

March 2017

Hi Katherine, I just wanted to let you know how much we love our puppy (Phineas). He is everything you described and absolutely perfect. He is thriving in the city. All the sights and sounds aren't phasing him one bit! Its like he lived here all his life. Everyone adores him and gives him a pat on the head as they pass by, and there isn't a person on this earth he doesn't like. Our other dog (Trevor the Maltese) immediately accepted Phineas and they play all day. We were so surprised at how well house trained AND crate trained Phineas was when he got here. He has had few accidents (you can count on one hand ...or paw)! He is amazing in his crate, and is now sleeping through the night! We couldn't have asked for a more wonderful little pup. He charmed everyone at the vet's office AND his first Puppy Kindergarten! We have him getting his second round of shots in the next few weeks (early November). I'm looking forward to training him as a service dog and know he will be a blessing in my life.

Marks Family

October 2016

We wanted to let you know that Green Girl from Saffrons litter (now named Dusty!) is settling in well with us. THANK YOU for the time you clearly spent getting her acclimated to her crate. Bill and I were prepared for nights of endless puppy whines and cries but she settled right in from the first night. She's a very sweet little girl. Thank you for all that you do for the puppies to get them ready for their new homes. I've attached a couple pictures of her.

Culton Family

October 2016

I don't know where to begin.....Harley is JUST beautiful. Her pictures did not do her justice. The family is in love and Harley seems to be happy.

Maria, Vinny and Vincent

October 2016

I can't thank you enough for our dog Happy! I love him so much! He's the sweetest cutest craziest little furry thing and everyone who meets him falls in love! He's Amazing.

Gannon Family

September 2016

I hope this email finds you all well. We wanted to brag a little and let you know how well Ruari is doing. He just finished obedience school tonight and thought we'd share all the ribbons he has won over the past eight weeks. We couldn't be happier with the new addition to our family. He is such a nice dog and training very well.

Joe and Sharon

September 2016

Hi Katherine, Laura and I just wanted to send you a note and let you know that we’re so happy with our puppy! We decided to name him Chewbacca (Chewie for short), since he’s going to be big, brown, and fuzzy (and we’re both big Star Wars fans)! Chewie has been so good these last two weeks, and he’s growing fast - Already up to ~15 lbs! He’s slept through the night since we brought him home, which has been wonderful. He’s really taken to his house training too! We’ve been working to get him used to ringing some bells that I mounted near our door when he needs to go out. He’s not perfect yet, but he’s getting the hang of it slowly, but surely. He loves to get up and play in the morning, and take naps on our floor during the afternoon. We walk to work with Laura every night for ~8 blocks, and while he loves being outside, sometimes he’s not such a fan of the heat! We bring lots of water for him to drink, and help keep him cool. He’ll beeline for the nearest spot of shade when he gets tired, and flop down on the grass! He’s very well tempered and friendly as well. He loves all our neighbors, and met our niece for the first time this week too, and was great around the baby the whole time. Anyways, we both wanted to let you know that we love Chewie very much, and to thank you for breeding such a wonderful dog! Thanks!

Peter and Laura

August 2016

Dear Katherine, A personal note of thanks - Emma arrived and she is a perfect fit with John (he was really happy when he said "She SNUGGLES") She's calm, surprisingly well trained, beautiful and a great friend already Many thanks!

Jeff, Michele, John, & Kate

Sandton, South Africa

Greetings! Today our little Rudder had his first birthday! We can't possibly tell you how he's changed our lives and made us more happy than we ever dreamed! Thank you again for such a well bred little wonder dog! Not a day goes by without someone asking who his breeder was! We are very very thankful to you both.

Xoxox Barbara and JP

An email from a puppy family

Hi Katherine, I had to let you know how amazing this puppy is. She truly has exceeded my expectations for any puppy. “Sienna” is absolutely wonderful with everyone she meets. She has gone into her crate on her own each night without a peep, 10pm-6am, and no accidents. She “sits” regularly for us, “shakes” constantly for treats, and, amazingly, will not even attempt to leave my kitchen even if I walk out. We only have to give her a stern stare and she flops away from the door! She is far ahead of the game with her outside “potty”. She gets extremely excited when she meets a few excited children at once and will dribble. That has been it. I am floored at how bright she is, as was the vet at her check-up today. In fact, she grabbed her leash and signaled for the door to go potty. She has been doing this regularly and it has only been 3 days of torrential rain since we have gotten her! We are going to give her a door bell to ring.We have even taught her to “stay” and “sit” for her leash going on and off. Her temperament with my three children is extraordinary! She has never made one peep when picked up by my six year old, wrapped in blankets, etc. It is clear you all did a great job with these pups, worked with them and set boundaries for them. We literally get questioned constantly where we got this dog, not only for her gorgeous looks and eyes, but for how well-behaved a puppy she is. Sienna is truly a special puppy and we are so grateful she is part of our family. I am so glad I found you and chose Lewis Manor. We have every intentions of continuing the training you started! She absorbs it so easily.


Melrose, MA

BACI (orange boy) is doing great! mellow yet playful just as i wanted 🙂 always uses his "potty grass" (no accidents), sleeps thru night 10pm-5:20 am, knows "sit", "get it", "come", learning "off" & "leave it"... loves to jump into my lap when i sit cross legged on floor and gives kisses (his namesake) to all our visitors... he's awesome... loving my little BIG guy!


A Facebook comment

We just wanted to write and thank you for everything! Pavlov (aka Lavender girl) was so calm on the ride home Friday night, she slept nearly the entire way (I say nearly, mostly because the customs officials at the border wanted to pet her!). It was past her bedtime when we got home, but she settled in to her crate with a single yip and proceeded to promptly fall asleep. I was a bit concerned about how she would adjust to living in a condo downtown, in the Capitol, after her idyllic upbringing in your home. She didn't bat an eye at the concrete, and when we go for our mini walks, she sits whenever a person is approaching and waits for them to come say hello! Indeed, Lorne and I have become the most popular people in our our building as everyone who sees Pavlov has constructed elaborate excuses to come visit with her... Everyone seems to comment upon either/both her appearance (obviously) and/or her calm, easygoing temperament. We haved passed along your name to a number of inquiring individuals already! By the end of our last journey outside before bedtime on Saturday night, she got off the elevator and upon hearing: "go home", she made her way, unassisted, to the front door of our condo (I won't tell you how long it took me to master the same trick...). Indeed, her first weekend with us was far from ideal as it coincided with the Capital race weekend (I understand that it is the largest race in North America, and coincidentally, the course ran along our side of the condo building), Pavlov seemed nonplussed by the noise from the masses of people with bullhorns, cheering, clapping, etc.. She is here with us today at Lorne's office (aka my private practice) and already has adoring fans, she was referred to by a patient as "the Mascot". We start puppy kindergarten tomorrow so that we can carry on with all of the training and socialization you started. All this to say, thank you for all of your hard work, dedication and patience; it certainly shows in Pavlov!

Lorne and Alexandra

Ottawa, Ontario Canada

“…He is so healthy, balanced, smart and obviously well brought up. He made the 6 hr drive without a peep 🙂 Lewis Manor has an excellent website...read the blog. I am experiencing the result of the socialization they did. My mom raised Labradors (the top kennel in the country at the time) Whygin Kennels. I have been researching Labradoodles for a long time. My daughter is allergic to dogs so the only dog I considered was a Labradoodle. There are many different ones so you have to be careful. F1, F1B, F2 and then Australian or multigenerational; the Lewis Manor pups are Australian multigenerational. Without telling you what you may already know, I will be happy to answer any questions you still have. Most importantly, talk with Katherine. She is a breeder with absolute integrity."

Tippy O'Reilly

A letter from one puppy buyer to a prospective buyer about her puppy and experience

Hi Katherine, Bear had his first experience with the invisible fence today. I had to put it in to relax! He has learned the flags in 5 minutes! I have a big fenced yard but there are escape spots for a smart Labradoodle that the Frenchies never bothered with. I am continually amazed at how quickly he learns new things..daily. He truly is so balanced. When i look at him he always says the same thing to me, "Life is Good!" What a happy guy. We love him to pieces. He has had a few play dates and continues his school weekly. Long fun walks and his antler to chew on and being right with you and he's happy. You got him off to a fantastic start..and I'm doing everything to continue that path. It will be so interesting to see what color he becomes..still a delicious chocolate BEAR!"


An email we received with the subject line: "THE best dog!"

Hey Katherine, just letting you know that Ms. Maui was given great reviews by our vet yesterday. She's been having lots o puppy fun...did her first running jump into the pool Sunday and is getting good at firefly hunting and will have taste tested our entire farm by the end of the week. Her disposition is just what I wanted...calm n cuddly yet ready to play, loves setting up her own obstacle courses and does a couple laps and then flops down to rest. Coordination and risk taking are fun to watch develop, very gentle mouth but lots o puppy chewing, pretty smart...she already is good,when she wants to be at fetch n drop but only comes when she's in the mood...hardest thing is getting my 6 yo to not laugh and say no at the same time. Maui is so sweet! we love her so much! She's about knee high with a soft beautiful brown coat. I'll try to post some pics of her. we joined the seattle doodle meetup group. Maui loves to play with other doodles more than anything. I'm almost ready for another puppy.....; )


Three Oaks, MI

Katherine, Sadie has adjusted well and has a wonderful personality. She is now 17lbs and has most of her adult teeth. Sadie is very smart and eager to please. She has graduated puppy class at PetSmart and we plan to continue with her training. She loves Moxie and the two of them spend a lot of time playing together. I will keep you updated on facebook.


Staten Island, NY

Hi Katherine, Thank you for the card and dog treats...Murphy really liked the treats. We are very happy with Murphy. He is a lovely pet - smart, social, playful, cuddly and stays close to home. I have attached a few photos so you can see his progression. He is now about 45 lbs. I believe we explained that we live on a lake and have 110 acres of forested land across the road from our lake house. Murphy has really taken to the country life. He likes swimming, chasing squirrels, visiting the neighbours, boat rides and bonfire nights. Now that it is winter, we go snow shoeing every day for an hour or two and he runs around off leash. To get him used to other dogs we joined a training group this month and he (we) are doing great. I should mention that we had him fixed in October. So, we are very pleased with Murphy. We often have family and friends with us on weekends and holidays and everyone loves him. Our neighbours have adopted Murphy and will keep him anytime we are away travelling. He is a very lucky dog....and we are very lucky owners. Thank you again...we hope all is well at Lewis Manor.

Des and Natalie Bradley


"...Tucker has taken a new job for himself. One morning when he and I went out to get the paper, he picked it up. Since then, he's insisted on carrying it. Yesterday it was the mail. He doesn't drop it, and relinquishes it intact when we ask. So now he's a busy boy, as he's also sentry for the squirrels...."


Dear Katherine, I just wanted to write and thank you for the most wonderful puppy! Truly, Athena has changed my life, and I love her so. Her temperament, intelligence, and sweetness is beyond measure. She is constantly stopped on the streets of Brooklyn and praised, and of course, I just have your email ready to give out!!! Again, thank you.



Hello Katherine, I thought I would send you a picture of our wonderful Harper at six months old. She is such a sweetheart and so much fun to have around. Her antics keep us all amused. She is so easy- going and very smart. I have been so impressed at how easy her training has been. We can't thank you enough for such a wonderful puppy.

The Caines


Katherine, Boomer is fitting in well in our household. He has been nothing but sweet and fun to have here. We couldn't be happier. Thank you for raising him for the first impressionable weeks so well. It surely shows how well adjusted he is at just 10 weeks old. Haley would like me to add, that he is the perfect pet for our family. She loves him very much.

The Swenton's

Joe, Melissa, Haley, Joey and Boomer

Hi Katherine, Just wanted to let you know that Riley (blue boy) is doing very well! He's about 20lbs at this point. He's a very smart dog! He's learned a number of tricks! (Sit, down, roll over, shake, high five, touch, spin, up, wait and working on pray). He sleeps in his crate nicely and does a nice job of letting us know when he needs to go out! He's great with other dogs. At his puppy obedience class he even helped an uncertain German Shepard puppy move out from under a chair and socialize with the group. He adores people, particularly children. He's wonderfully fluffy and soft. We really enjoy having him! I wish I didn't have to go back to work and could spend all my time with him!