Ginger & Ziggy

Shades of Dark Caramel & Red
Not Available (past litter)

We currently  have Orange Boy (Knox) selected to enter our training program  and Green Boy (Kane) is available to go home on June 15th, or can be reserved for any amount of training. If interested in either of the gorgeous boys you can call or text Miles Lewis at 315.416.2305.

Knox: Orange Boy
Knox is a charming red puppy! He loves to give hugs and kisses. He has dreamy eyes and they just melt your heart as soon as you catch a glimpse. He’s a very sociable puppy, and loves any kind of affection especially belly rubs! Knox is a natural retriever, and just loves to play a game of fetch, he definitely loves his squeaky toys too! He never says no to a yummy treat, loves playing outdoors, and going for a fun adventure anywhere you bring him, I’m sure he’d love to tag along. Whether it be to a pet friendly store, a park, around town or just a fun car ride. He will melt everyones hearts wherever you go. Even if its a day at home he would enjoy cuddling up with you and taking a nap just as much. He’s a big hugger and will wrap his little paws right around you! (Weight estimate  40-45)
Kane: Green Boy
Kane loves to be held like a baby. He’s such a sweet puppy, with a gorgeous red coat! We have no doubt you’d fall head over heels for this sweet little boy! He’s very playful and is regularly caught carrying around a toy. He has a love for tennis balls, and especially his squeaky toys! He has great confidence and loves to explore nature. Enjoying long walks, and always having fun no matter where you are. When you’re busy and can’t occupy him, don’t worry, as long as he has plenty of toys he is always keeping himself busy. You will easily win him over with scratches and belly rubs! He loves his snuggles and down time. He is so adorable and this puppy would be anyones great addition to the family! (Weight estimate 45-50lbs)

Ginger and Ziggy puppies have been born!! This is Ginger’s debut litter and we are SO excited! This litter of gorgeous mahogany reds and caramels should mature to around 45 lbs just like their parents and be a great addition to your family. Ginger had her puppies on  April 16th so we can expect 8 week old puppies from this litter to be ready to go home with you in June 15th. Get ready for a Summer of fun if you’re bringing one of these little ones home. If they’re anything like their mama they’ll be up for an adventure and be a ready companion in all walks of life. Ginger loves to join her mom going anywhere and everywhere and often dressed up to boot! To follow her adventures you can find her on instagram @cuteasabuttondoodle.

8 weeks old  June 15th: $3800.00

13 weeks old [ intermediate  trained ]  July 16th : $7800.00

18 weeks old [advanced trained] August 20th :$11800.00

23 weeks old [ premium trained]  September 24th: $15800.00

$3800 / 8 Week Old Puppy / One Available
$7800 / 13 Week Old Puppy (Intermediate Trained Puppy) / Apply Now
$11800 / 18 Week Old Puppy (Advanced Trained Puppy) / Apply Now
$15800 / 23 Week Old Puppy (Premium Trained Puppy) / Apply Now

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ALAA Registration Number: ALAA-089938
Size: Standard (47lbs, 21")
Color/Coat: Red Fleece
Health Testing: CAER Normal, OFA Elbows Normal, OFA Hips Good, PennHIP (Right DI 0.61, Left DI 0.59), DM Clear, EIC Clear, PRA Clear, VWD Clear


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