ALAA Registration Number: ALAA-044409
Size: Standard (55lbs, 23")
Color/Coat: Cream Fleece
Health Testing: PennHip 90th percentile, OFA Elbows Normal, CERF Normal

Lewis Manor’s First Lady (Abby)
Australian Multigen Labradoodle

Having Abby for a pet is like having your own living teddy bear – she is good company, so soft and fluffy, and is great to snuggle with. She likes to come everywhere with me – riding along to run errands or coming in to the office with me to nap next to my desk. She has a pretty mellow temperament and is usually low energy inside, although she does consider it an important job to guard us from the rabbits in the yard, so she spends much of her time looking for them out the window. Outside she is more energetic – she loves to hike and jog with her human people and wrestle and run with her dog friends. She gets along great with people and dogs of all ages and sizes. Her best friend is a 12 lb Lowchen – she is so gentle playing with him. When she was a puppy our trainer used to request that she come in to play with dogs that were having trouble getting along with other dogs since she gets along with everyone. She keeps the little kids entertained at soccer games as they “help” me by walking her or giving her treats for following commands. She has trained so well – she got her Canine Good Citizen when she was 12 months old and is now training to do therapy dog work. She is attached to her family but likes everyone and goes happily to the dog sitter or to play dates with her dog friends. She is a good traveler – adapting well to new places and people. We feel so lucky to have her and are excited to see her great temperament passed along to her puppies. She is distinctive for her pink nose and amber eyes. She has a cream coat with hints of caramel in her tail, ears and when her coat grows out.

Past Litter

Abby & Willie

Lewis Manor's First Lady "Abby" & Colonial Village's Jefferson
Shades of Caramel, and Cream
Not Available (past litter)