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Interested in an LML Puppy? Please Read:

We keep our website very current with upcoming litter availability. If you see a litter with availability that you are interested in, please fill out and submit a puppy application prior to contacting us. We’d love to hear from you! We will do our best to get right back to you once we review your application to discuss your puppy adoption further and answer any questions you may have.
We have always enjoyed talking about our doodles with every family that has been interested, had questions, or wanted to meet our dogs. While we would still love to be able to talk about our doodles with everyone, everyday, we now get more requests to talk than we can accommodate. We needed to prioritize our time to be spent where it is best… raising exceptional puppies! So, if you do not see any litter availability, please refrain from submitting an application or emailing with questions; we will not be able to respond. During times when our litters are booked, we are busy raising our puppies to the very best of our ability and like to be able to give them our undivided attention! We thank you for your understanding. We often have puppy play days and encourage anyone to sign up for one of those to come meet our dogs and puppies!
We encourage you to check back often and submit an application once you see availability open up or new litters posted! Our lists fill up quickly and we don’t want to see anyone miss out. We take a small number of reservations per litter. Sometimes once a litter is born, there are more puppies than expected and we will post that if it becomes available.

We update new pairings monthly, so check back for new pairings that may be added to our upcoming litter page at the beginning of every month.

Upcoming Litter Plans:
Please understand that these pairings are our best educated guess on each dog’s heat cycle timing. We can’t control nature and sometimes a dog has their own heat cycle timing ideas whether sooner or later than expected! Also, be aware that a planned stud may change. Should that happen, and the litter will no longer produce the colors or size you were expecting, you will be welcome to move to a different litter. Also, please understand that while we do our very best, there are times, for reasons out of our control, when a pregnancy does not happen. In that event, you would be able to move to a future litter of your choosing.

Upcoming Litters

Standard Size (approx. 21 to 24 inches tall & 40 to 60 pounds)
Lewis Manor's My Friend Flicka (53lbs, 22” tall) ~ Poco Creek's Homburg (38lbs, 20")

Lewis Manor Labradoodles Flicka


Lewis Manor Labradoodles Homburg

Colors Expected: Shades of Caramel, Cream, Apricot, Red
Sizes Expected: Standard (Approx. 45lbs, 21”)
Due August 1st, 2019
8-week old Puppy $3,000:
Now Accepting Reservations
4-month old Trained Puppy $8,900:
Now Accepting Reservations
Click for more about Flicka 2019 litter

We are truly looking forward to Flicka’s litter debut. With her sunny, playful spirit and Homburg’s wonderful, calm demeanor the puppies from this pairing will make just the most wonderful companions. If you are looking for a great buddy to hang out with or a pup that’s up for any adventure, a pup from these two is the one to choose!

Medium Size (approx. 17 to 20 inches tall & 25 to 40 pounds)
Lewis Manor's Garden Parti "Blossom" (34lbs, 19.5") ~ Lewis Manor's Chocolate Moose (36lbs, 19" tall)


Lewis Manor Labradoodles Moose

Colors Expected: Chocolate, Black, Caramel, Cream
Sizes Expected: Medium (Approximately 35lbs, 19”tall)
Due July 15th, 2019
8-week old Puppy $3,000:
Now Accepting Reservations
4-month old Trained Puppy $8,900:
Now Accepting Reservations
Click for more about Blossom 2019 litter

Blossom is a true best friend who brings a smile to your face when she enters the room, she is SO sweet and affectionate! She is an energetic girl who loves to go on walks and adventures! Paired with Moose these pups will have rock star personalities! Moose is so easy going and laid back, he gets along with everyone and everything. We are so excited for the pups from Blossom and Moose and expect them to be outstanding in both looks and personality!

Puppy Timeline Guide

Female dogs come into heat twice a year, approximately 6 months apart. Some females are more predictable than others. The heat cycle lasts about three weeks.

The approximate due date is 62-63 days from the time of mating.

At 7 weeks of age, we do temperament testing and match each puppy with a family based on each puppy's temperament and each family's lifestyle to make the best possible match.

At 8 weeks of age the puppies are ready to go home to their new families!