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Guardian Home Program For Local Families

We absolutely love our dogs, and it’s important to us that our breeding dogs all be a part of a family, and never out in a kennel.  As our breeding program grows, we’re able to do this with our guardian home program.  Families who are accepted into this program have a great opportunity to own a Lewis Manor Labradoodle at a fraction of the cost.  And in exchange, our dogs are all loved members of great local families, living pampered lives!

Please note, the dogs below are available ONLY as part of our guardian home program, to local families. If you live within reasonable driving distance from us, and have read about what our guardian program entails, and think it may be for you, please contact us!

Mill Creek's Lizzie McGuire

Date of Birth: December 26th, 2014
Color/Coat:Caramel Curly Fleece
Size: Large Medium, 45lbs, 19.5” tall

Temperament: Incredibly outgoing, Lizzie is the life of the party. She loves to go anywhere and do anything with you, she is up for any and every adventure! Lizzie is always happy and loves to snuggle.

Lewis Manor Labradoodles

Interested in a guardian dog? Contact Katherine@LewisManorLabradoodles.com to hear what we have coming up!

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