Heath – Reserved

Lewis Manor's Garden Parti "Blossom" and Lewis Manor's Duke of Williamstown
Caramel Fleece

We do not currently have any Trained Dogs available at this time but we are taking reservations for Trained Dogs from upcoming litters. Please contact us for more information.

Heath is a rockstar! With a low to moderate energy level, he loves hanging out with people. That’s not to say that he isn’t also up for a walk or a good session of play, he’s one laid back boy. So patient, while you’re working from home he’ll be found curled up at your feet waiting, so sweet and serene. On top of having just the most mellow, loving personality this boy is SMART! He adores people so he’s always up for working on whatever you want to do with him. He has great focus and a strong food drive. Confidence in spades this puppy is adaptable to any and all situations and lifestyles. He will complete the Advanced level of training by June 6th or, our highest level of training other than for service dog training is our Premium Level Training. He will be five months old at time of completion and well on his way to getting his Canine Good Citizen certification and excelling at off-leash control. To learn more about our different levels of training you can schedule a phone call with with us by filling out a contact form or calling Miles directly at (315)-416-2305.

$9500 / Trained Puppy / Waitlist Only



ALAA Registration Number: ALAA-051339
Size: Medium (19.5" tall, 35lbs)
Color/Coat: Apricot/ White Parti Wool
Health Testing: CERF Normal, OFA Hips Good, OFA Elbows Normal, PennHIP Right DI 0.42 Left DI 0.48


ALAA Registration Number: ALAA-061090
Size: Medium (17" tall, 23 lbs)
Color/Coat: Caramel Fleece
Health Testing: CERF Normal, OFA Elbows Normal, Penn Hip: Right DI 0.60, Left DI .64