Grover – $11,800

Lewis Manor's Ruby Twosdays and Poco Creek's Homburg
Dark Caramel Red Fleece

Ruby’s Green Boy “Grover”

Estimated Adult Size: Approximately 35-40lbs

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Grover is one strikingly handsome boy, like those green eyes can you even handle it?! Against his gorgeous dark caramel red coat they really pop! This is one boy that loves attention and affection. He’ll follow you around like you’re a pied piper! He’s extremely workable and doing exceedingly well even in just these first weeks of training. Grover has begun his basic obedience training and is available to go home at any time. He is a very nice boy and we have been so happy with his temperament and how quickly he is learning. See our training levels below, each additional week of trading beyond dates listed are $800/ week.

Do you want to add this cutie to your family?! Contact us! You can also reach out to Miles for more information at (315) 416-2305.

Intermediate (9/1): $7,800

Advanced (10/6): $11,800

Premium (11/10): $15,800

$11800 / Trained Puppy / Apply Now



ALAA Registration Number: ALAA-066371
Size: Medium (45lbs, 20")
Color/Coat: Apricot Fleece
Health Testing: CAER Normal, OFA Elbows Normal, OFA Hips Good, PennHIP (Right DI 0.49, Left DI 0.58), DM Clear, EIC Clear, PRA Clear, VWD Clear


ALAA Registration Number: ALAA-098844
Size: Medium (23lbs, 17")
Color/Coat: Caramel Curly Fleece
Health Testing: CAER Free of Inherited Disease (Iris to Iris PPM), OFA Hips Good, OFA Elbows Normal, PennHIP (Right DI, 0.32 Left DI, 0.31)