Bella – $11,800

Lewis Manor's Got Me Captivated and Lewis Manor's Chocolate Moose
Caramel Fleece

Estimated Adult Size Based on Current Weight (3/13): 46-60lbs

Bella is joyful, patient, and loving. She is the perfect pup to spend the day with snuggled up, reading a book or having a movie night. She’s currently working on building her confidence as she can be sensitive at times, but she’s curious, smart, and a loyal pup that will follow your lead. She’s the perfect family companion as she’s an amazing blend of cuddly, mellow, and affectionate as well as having a playful, goofy side that loves running around with the kids. She has started her first weeks of training and is available to go home at any time. You can call or text Miles for more information about Bella at (315) 416-2305.

Bella Video Playlist

Additional weeks of training beyond dates listed are $800/ week.

Intermediate Training: March 10th – $7,800

Advanced Training: April 14th – $11,800

Premium Training: May 19th – $15,800

$11800 / Trained Puppy / Apply Now



ALAA Registration Number: ALAA-034208
Size:  Medium (36lbs, 19")
Color/Coat: Cafe Chocolate Fleece
Health Testing: CERF Normal, OFA Hips Good, PennHIP 50th Percentile, Patellar Luxation Normal, DM Clear, EIC Clear, PRA clear, VWD Clear, IC clear


ALAA Registration Number: ALAA-076658
Size: Medium (28lbs, 19")
Color/Coat: Caramel Fleece
Health Testing: OFA Hips Good, OFA Elbows, PennHIP (Right DI 0.44; Left DI 0.29), CERF Normal, IC Clear, DM Clear, EIC Clear, PRA Clear, VWD Clear