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We offer a limited number of trained dogs each year to families looking for a well trained pet or someone seeking a service dog with a great foundation, ready to start specialized training.

This is a fabulous way to get an exceptional dog for you or your family! Our puppies that go through our training program live here and work with our full time trainer. They are housebroken, crate trained, and extensively socialized to a variety of places, people, and experiences. We believe the best dog is one who is truly a joy to live with. Having remarkable manners not only at home, but anywhere you want to take them in public.

Our trained dogs are a minimum of 4 months old when ready to go. Prices start at $8,900. From time to time we also have older pups available with more advanced or specialized training. Pricing depends on level of training.

We'll be adding more puppy profiles from our training program soon! So check back often. If interested in adopting a trained puppy, the next step is to fill out an application. This will help us when doing our match review.

Check out our available trained puppies below.

You can also reserve a puppy from our upcoming litter or our current litters where available. Once your pup reaches 8-weeks old, they will be enrolled in our training program.
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Lewis Manor Labradoodles

Litter: Lewis Manor's Sofia ~ Lewis Manor's Duke of Williamstown
Est. Adult Size: Medium 23lbs, 18" tall
Color/Coat: Chocolate Fleece
Age: DOB: July 21, 2018
Price: $10,500
Training Completion Date: Available Now



Lewis Manor Labradoodles

Litter: Lewis Manor's Quintessentially Cuckoo for Coco Puff ~ Colonial Village's Jefferson "Willie"
Est. Adult Size: Standard 50lbs, 21.5” tall
Color/Coat: Caramel Fleece
Age: DOB: August 14th, 2018
Price: $10,500
Training Completion Date: Available Now

Lewis Manor Labradoodles 


Check back soon for service dogs in training!

 See our training update videos and more on our LML YouTube Channel

Interested in a trained dog? Contact to hear what we have coming up!

What sets a LML trained dog apart? Our dogs will:

~Learn to greet visitors politely at the door (no rude jumping or overwhelming your guests).

~They learn "place" where they go and sit or lie on their bed or mat until told it is ok to get up.

~No begging is allowed. They also learn to "leave it" (a command for their safety which can be given to tell them to avoid picking up an unknown food or item off the sidewalk during a walk, not to scarf up a piece of your food that fell on the ground, or in other situations you don't want them grabbing/eating something).

~They learn "wait" which we use getting into or out of a car so you don't have a dog who darts out of the car when you open the door. This is for their own safety, as well as making it more enjoyable to take them places.

~Travel well in a car.





~Walking nicely on a leash. It is never a pleasure to walk a dog who wants to walk you!

~Our dogs are exposed to a variety of experiences such as swimming (weather permitting) city environments, country settings, a variety of animals including cats, store field trips, etc.

Our dogs practice these commands in various settings so you can rely on them listening to you wherever you are.

When you choose a LML trained dog, you are getting:

1. A Lewis Manor Australian Labradoodle bred for health and temperament, giving you an enjoyable companion who has a long healthy life to share with you.

2. A 2 year health guarantee.

3. All of the training, manners, and socialization listed above. (Realizing these are animals, and not machines. As such, each one is unique with their own personality, strengths, and weaknesses. They will not always be perfect, but rather, our goal is to make each one a joy to have and easy to "do life" with.)

4. Bi-weekly updates throughout your dog's training including progress reports and pictures!

5. A puppy bag including favorite toys your dog has played with and enjoyed while here, and other basic supplies.

6. A one on one training session where you will work with one of our trainers to learn everything your dog knows, and have the opportunity to ask any training related questions.

7. A customized training plan specific to your dog.

Contact: for more information or to reserve a trained dog.

Already on one of our litter reservation lists to get a LML puppy? Our training program is also open to any of our Lewis Manor Labradoodle puppies, from any of our litters. Though space is limited, so reserve training on your puppy early. Contact us about availability!

What our "Trainined Puppy" Families are Saying:


Hi Katherine and Lewis Manor Family,
We wanted to give you a quick update on our Penny. We are so grateful for her everyday. We could not have asked for a better match. She has grown up to be quite the young lady. We passed the TDI therapy dog test back in November and we visit the hospital every Saturday where she is quite the hit. I literally am just her "driver". To be able to share her personality with the patients and see the smiles that she brings is truly amazing. We also passed the CGC test in February. She loves to train and she's so smart, I look forward to starting Rally with her next.
Thank you again for bringing her into our lives.
Catherine & Al
March 2018

Customer Review - 2018 - Lewis Manor Labradoodles


Hi Katherine,
I just wanted to update you on Murphy. He seems to be settling in really well during this second week in his new home. He is loving our walks around the neighborhood and is much less fearful than he was initially. I have talked to the family next door and they know to just let Murphy sit back and observe for now, rather than having their little girl come to greet him. So far, so good. I also took him back to Market Street in Corning, and he seemed to be a bit more relaxed. He loves belly rubs, chasing squirrels, and getting turkey as a treat for good behavior.
I really just cannot explain how grateful we are for your attention to detail and caring and thoughtful puppy raising that creates dogs with amazingly calm and sweet temperaments.
Your staff it truly top notch. Danielle's weekly updates were above and beyond, and the highlight of our weeks. Krystina and Laura were so patient with our two visits to meet Murphy. Emily was wonderful...everyone was truly a joy to work with, and never made us feel like we were asking too many questions or visiting too often. We always felt welcome, which meant the world to us.
We have continued the training with Murphy and he is still doing a beautiful job with all of his commands.
I am attaching a photo of Murphy that I took on my camera. As I tell him often, he is a "good boy" and is extremely loved.
I read something recently from one of my favorite authors, Eckhart Tolle, that really struck a chord with me:
"Watching your dog, you can learn something very spiritual. They know how to stay in the moment and not be distracted by the things of the past. Neither will they spoil the current moment by worrying about the future. They are always happy for the "now" and the very powerful message that we learn from them is that the current moment is actually all we have. I love dogs for this virtue that is spiritual far beyond what most people can achieve."
Thanks again for everything. It was great to meet you and your family.
Cathy and Hal
November 2017

Customer Review - 2017 - Lewis Manor Labradoodles


Hi Katherine and Miles,
We wanted to send an update on Charlie. He is AMAZING! We are so in love. He is the perfect fit for our family. He is well trained and so sweet. He has all of the best qualities we were looking for in a labradoodle. He is very mellow (even for a puppy).
Charlie has mastered sit, stay, giving paw, etc. When we come in from the rain, he knows to sit on the mat and lifts his paws for me so I can dry them. The kids even taught him how to high five! He is really gentle and great with the kids.
Thank you for raising such a great boy and bringing him to us. You gave us the perfect labradoodle for our family.
I also wanted to thank you for being so incredible. From the first phone call, to the weekly updates and videos, to answering all of our questions and delivering Charlie, you have been awesome. You have such a great family and we enjoyed getting to know you.
Keep in touch!
The Burlins
August 2017

Customer Review - 2017 - Lewis Manor Labradoodles  Customer Review - 2017 - Lewis Manor Labradoodles


My husband and I recently brought home a 4 month old Labradoodle pup, born and trained at Lewis Manor. We did a lot of research before selecting Lewis Manor because we were very concerned with getting a dog with calm temperament, as we have small grandchildren. Katherine was very responsive and couldn't have been more accommodating. We trusted her judgement in picking the right puppy for us, and to say we are pleased with the result is an understatement!
We call our black doodle "Spooky" because you can't see her in the dark! She is gorgeous, friendly, smart, great with the kids, follows commands easily, affectionate, and is everything Lewis Manor said she would be. Her trainer, Erica did a fantastic job. Everyone who has met Spooky has fallen in love with her, and are amazed at how calm and compliant she is. We would highly recommend Lewis Manor Labradoodles to anyone looking for an outstanding family pet!
Betty O'Brien
May 2017

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