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Check out our upcoming litters page to see the fantastic puppies we have coming up!

Lewis Manor's Nutmeg (Meg) ~~ Sierra Vista's Noble Phoenix


Born on April 8th, 2019
2 Males, 2 Females
Fleece Chocolates
Est. Adult Size: Small Standard (19”-23” tall and 40-55lbs)
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Nutmeg/Noble Litter:
8-week old Puppy $3,000: Now Accepting Reservations
4-month old Trained Puppy $8,900: Now Accepting Reservations

Lewis Manor's Chiyoko Koko ~ Blueberry Cottage Huckleberry Finn


Born on March 25th, 2019
5 Males, 5 Females
Fleece Chocolate & Caramel
Est. Adult Size: Standard (Approximately 55lbs, 22.5")
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Koko/Finn Litter:
8-week old Puppy $3,000: Fully Booked
4-month old Trained Puppy $8,900: Now Accepting Reservations

Lewis Manor's Sofia ~ Poco Creek's Homburg


Lewis Manor Labradoodles Homburg

Born on February 22nd, 2019
5 Males, 2 Females
Fleece Shades of caramel/cream, chocolate, black
Est. Adult Size: Medium (Approximately 35lbs, 19")
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Sofia/Homburg Litter:
8-week old Puppy: Fully Booked
4-month old Trained Puppy: Fully Booked

At Lewis Manor Labradoodles, breeding the highest quality Australian Multigen Labradoodles is our passion. To reach that goal, we require perfection from all our breeding prospects. We always keep 2 spaces for our own breeding program from every litter and then watch them develop to see if they will be breeding quality. At 7-weeks old, the puppies will have health checks done to assure breeding quality. It's not unusual to have either one or both puppies released from the breeding program to a pet family following their Vet check. It can be as simple as a cosmetic hernia or narrow growing tooth that corrects itself with adult teeth coming in, but again we just require perfection from our breeding prospects. These puppies still make excellent family pets and often have the most fabulous temperaments! If you would like to be placed on our wait list for immediate placement should a puppy become available, we want to assure you, you will be adopting a healthy, happy, well socialized puppy. For more information, email us at


When you get a puppy from us, you have the option to come pick your puppy up, OR have them delivered right to you! We welcome those who want to come here to pick up their puppy but also understand many live further away and travel for some can be difficult. We don't like to ship our puppies, and putting a precious pup on a plane unattended is a bit nerve wracking! When we deliver your puppy, they ride with us, in our spacious RV where they have all the comforts of home. We travel as a family to bring your puppy to you which allows your puppy's travel experience to be much less stressful as they're with familiar people. Our goal, as with every experience we expose our puppies to, is to keep it low stress, and FUN for them! Climate controlled, we keep the RV at a comfortable temperature so your puppy can relax and is never too hot or too cold. Whenever they need to go potty or want to run around for a bit, we stop and take them out for a walk and a fresh water break. Most of the time, they are happy to curl up and sleep during the trip! Toys, and chews are kept stocked in our RV so your puppy is never bored! Your puppy's comfort and enjoyable experience is our goal whether traveling with us on a short trip somewhere on the East coast, all the way to the West coast, or anywhere in between! On occasion, due to scheduling, your puppy may be delivered by one of our drivers in a car, or SUV. Rest assured, your puppy's comfort and safety is always our top priority! One of the benefits to having your puppy delivered is if you do not live in the state of NY, your puppy is considered a "shipped" item which does not require NY sales tax to be paid. If you have a puppy reserved, you will receive a custom delivery quote for your consideration once your puppy is born and as we start planning our delivery/pick up schedules. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email and ask!