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Please check out our upcoming litters!

We have several puppies available for immediate adoption!

Would you like to visit Lewis Manor Labradoodles? Do you want to meet and play with some puppies? We need your help socializing our puppies and would love to have you join us for one of our 'Puppy Play Pal' sessions. If this sounds like something you'd enjoy  check out our available dates below and be sure to RSVP to

Puppy Play Pals

*Play groups for the months of October and November will include one on one play/ walks/ etc. with our puppies in training. Currently in training we have puppies from our June/ July litters (Gingersnap, Molly, Ember, Calli, Athena). Due to their training schedules and regularly scheduled outings, not all puppies will be available on any given day. If you are interested in playing with a particular puppy or puppies be sure to include their name(s) or which litter they are from when RSVPing. Thank you!

Wednesday October 4th @ 12pm
Thursday October 5th @ 2pm
Friday October 6th @ 1pm

Wednesday October 11th @ 1pm
Thursday October 12th @ 1pm
Friday October 13th @ 2pm

Tuesday October 17th @ 2pm
Thursday October 19th @ 1pm
Friday October 20th @ 12pm

Monday October 23rd @ 2pm
Tuesday October 24th @ 2pm
Wednesday October 25th @ 1pm
Thursday October 26th @ 1pm
Friday October 27th @ 12pm

Monday October 30th @ 2pm
Tuesday October 31st @ 12pm

RSVP required. Email:

Dates are subject to change and will be weather permitting, playgroups for this month will be held outdoors for woods walks, etc.


Learn more about becoming a local guardian family

We have puppies available for immediate placement to a local guardian family!

Also available:

Get all the details on our guardian webpage